Lifestyle Rewards

Get exclusive benefits ranging from discounted prices to daily rewards!

Join or renew your membership for as little as $6.

Visit a Member Services or Reception at any Workers Club Group club with a valid photo ID.




Lifestyle Rewards Program is a member rewards program exclusive to Workers Group, with great benefits including discounts on bar and dining, a birthday surprise and exclusive membership offers. Your loyalty and support are recognised and rewarded.

Earn and redeem ‘Lifestyle’ points…Once you join, you’ll start earning ‘Lifestyle’ Points for every dollar spent in any of our clubs.

Your membership card is key to unlocking all the ‘Lifestyle’ Rewards benefits. Ensure you have your card with you, on every visit to the Club.

Member Pricing
Daily Rewards
Birthday Rewards
Birthday Dining Voucher in Birthday Month$20$30
Member Promotions
Pay by Points Discount*10%30%40%50%
Exclusive Events
No Points Expiry
Daily Hospitality Account**$10$30
Complimentary Show Tickets (selected shows)***
Free Secure Parking


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my points?

When you earn your points you can then use them to pay for food, beverages and other goods in the club owned / operated outlets. Points can also be used to obtain Gift Vouchers from various companies.


Do I get discounts?

Members will continue to receive member prices when paying by cash / eft. When using your points to purchase FOOD AND NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES goods and services ( excluding functions)


How do I know which level I am on?

Simply ask at Members Services or enter your card into the Entrance Kiosk, Gaming Machine or at any Food or Beverage Terminal.


How can I check my points balance?

You can check your points balance at any gaming machine, kiosk or with Members Services.


How do I move up levels?

Each month your points will be reviewed and if you have earned the required amount in the preceding 3-month period, you will be moved up a tier.


Can I go down a level?

Points will be reviewed every 3 months in JANUARY, APRIL, JULY and OCTOBER and levels will be adjusted accordingly.


Do my points expire each year?

Points earned by RED & GOLD that remain unused will be purged on the 31st of DECEMBER each year. Points for Diamond and Platinum do not expire unless a breach of terms and conditions occur.


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For further information, contact Member Services on 02 9830 0600 ext 2023