Diamond Rewards gives you access to a range of benefits as our thank you for your loyalty. Your Diamond Rewards card is your passport to being instantly rewarded with special member pricing as well as Workers Rewards Points that you can redeem throughout the three Workers Group clubs.

Diamond Rewards is based on a tiering system, where the number of Points earned over a 12-month rolling period determines the Tier achieved. There are five Diamond Rewards tiers, each with their own generous benefits.

Workers Club Group members over the age of 18 who join Diamond Rewards immediately qualify for Bronze (entry level) and can access the rewards of that tier.

Diamond Rewards Benefits Diamond 50,000+Platinum 20,000 – 49,999 Gold 5,000 – 19,999 Silver 1,000 – 4,999 Bronze Entry Level
Earn 1 point for each $1 spend on Food & Beverage
Earn 1 point for each $10 spend on KENO *
Earn points at all venues
Pay by points discount **50%40%30%20%10%
Use your points for purchase gift cards ***
Access to member promotions
Bonus Points Multiplier100%66%25%10%--
Additional offers as directed
Birthday Bonus (Workers Rewards Points)$100$50$40$30$20
Daily Loyalty Bonus100 points per swipe per day50 points per swipe per day30 points per swipe per day20 points per swipe per day10 points per swipe per day
Non expiration of Workers Reward Points------

* Excludes KENO Touch Terminals / Minimum $10 Spend
** Varies for each level and available at all outlets (discounts apply on food and beverage only)
*** Available at all outlets listed below (pay by points discount applies on food and beverage only)

Where can I earn & spend points? 
Impressions Café & BistroShow Tickets
All bars throughout the Club groupSalon Gi and Sports Hair Care
All food outletsMembership renewals

International Buffet / Sports CaféPITSTOP for gift cards (spend only)
KENO* (earn only) Raffles


How to I get into a level?
Simply become a member with Blacktown Workers Club Group and use your card during each visit.

How do I know what level I’m on?
Swipe your card at any of our member kiosks or food & beverage outlets.

How do I know how many points I have?
Swipe your card at any of our member kiosks or food & beverage outlets.

How do I move up a level?
Each month your points will be reviewed, if enough points have been earned you will then be moved up a level.

Can I drop a level?
Points will be reviewed every January / July and levels will be adjusted accordingly.

Do my points expire?
Bronze, Silver and Gold members points will expire each year on 31 December.
* Platinum and Diamond members points will not expire.

Can I receive bonus points?
Members will received Bonus Point Multipliers and a Daily Loyalty Bonus for visiting the club each day. Bonus Point Multipliers will be automatically added to a Members account the following day. The Daily Loyalty Bonus will be added to the Members account when a membership card is swiped at any kiosk. Bonus points will vary for each reward level.

Do I get a birthday bonus?
The Birthday Loyalty Bonus will be automatically added to your account when you swipe your card at the member kiosk during the month of your birthday.

Can I opt out of the program?
You can opt out of the program at any time by notifying the Club’s President in writing.

Do Bonus Points contribute to my level when calculated each month?
Bonus Points received through Point Multipliers, Daily Loyalty Bonus, Birthday Bonus and Promotional Bonuses do not contribute to the calculation each month when level are being reviewed. Calculation is based on points that are earnt through spend/turnover.